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Magic Designer/Consultant

Are you working on a project that requires some magical moment? Are you putting on a production of Damn Yankees where in the script it says Mr. Applegate produces a cigarette from out of thin air? Or a production of Pippin where the script says Pippin talks to a solider's severed head? Maybe you're a magician looking for a new trick to wow your audiences or want a customized trick designed for your strengths as a storyteller? 

I'm available for consultations over the phone/zoom to help in any advice for helping create these magic moments. I'm available for hire to be magic designer/creative consultant for projects as well. I've worked on productions of Mary Poppins, Pippin, Damn Yankees, Carrie the musical in Los Angeles, the Papermill Playhouse, and Olney Center Theater.


I have multiple books published for magicians on original material and have collaborated with magic legend and designer, Jim Steinmeyer. I've been the magic consultant for The Sentimentalist (AGT quarter finalist), Dom Chambers (AGT Semi finalist), Naathan Phan, Eric Thirsten, Elizabeth Messick, Shane Colbalt (FISM competitor), and many more. I've lectured around the world at Blackpool Magic Convention, Magic Live, Magi-Fest, and the Magic Castle multiple times. 

Entertainer for Events

Are you looking for entertainment that will leave your event even more memorable? Hiring a magician to perform for your guests is the easiest way to do this. We can customize to fit the atmosphere and style of your event. Here's a couple of ways to easily add a magician to your event:

  • Walk around Magic (aka Strolling Magic). I perform magic for small groups walking from table to table at your event. This is perfect for parties over 100 people and is rated by the hour.

  • Stand up show. This is perfect from receptions or backyard parties where your guests can sit together and watch a show together. Lots of audience participation and fun to have. Shows can be 30, 45, or 60 minutes long. 

  • Hybrid of Strolling with a stage show. 



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